Track Work


JPCO truck


With over 30 years of experience in the railroad construction industry JPCO teams are your perfect choice for track and transit services and supplies. Our vision at JPCO is to be one of the nation’s leading companies in professional services to the railroad construction industry. We have the manpower, tools and experience to provide a commercially useful function to facilitate and accelerate your project.

We aim to capitalize on our unique industry capability defined by extensive technical expertise. Our material management service teams assure accuracy, precise submittals, error-free processing and timely delivery resulting in satisfied clients. JPCO personnel has over 30 years’ experience and head up safety-driven, hard-working crews with productivity second to none.

JPCO offers various track construction services including:

  • New Track Construction
  • Heavy & Light Rail
  • Dual-Block LVT
  • Special Trackwork
  • Direct Fixation
  • Tie/Rail Replacement
  • Track Demolition
  • Grade Crossings
  • Track Rehabilitation
  • Continuous Welded Rail
  • Ballast Grade Work
  • Tie Pre-Plating
  • Erosion Control
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Equipment Management
  • Materials Management
  • Unloading, Staging & Warehousing
  • Experienced Managers
  • Experienced Crews
  • Experienced Operators



JPCO assigns a designated Quality Control Officer to every project.  We continually educate and advance all our people to safely monitor and improve the quality control process. Our goal is to maximize the efficiency and aim for excellence in all the company capabilities.


JPCO believes one of the most important factors in the project equation is safety. We have strict training, inspections and check offs for safety on every job.  We boast 100% accident free history and look to maintain that standard.  We value the safety of all personnel as one of the most important elements on the job.

Making safety not only a program, but a core value, results in successful job completions.  Safety is incorporated into every facet of our company.  Much time and effort goes toward ensuring that our employees have a safe working environment, proper OSHA and FRA training, and the best equipment for their protection.